September 22nd, 2005

Continued Supression of Freedom of Speech in Training in Power

In response to a recent post about the value of freedom of speech, opinions and the process of democracy, it's so true, open discourse is the only way to learn about ourselves and others. It's the path of freedom and at the same time when productive leads to collective consensus, ie democracy. Trainers will not discuss what they perceive to be negativity directed against the training (it is said that this is 'pulling' on them). The confusion that disagreement is negativity is at the root of the training's secrecy dynamic. An important point in defining thought control is whether a person or an organization is willing to discuss issues brought to them or not. Trainers continue to conform to the taboo on open discussion.

The fight or flight (fear) response is meant to keep us alive, but this natural mechanism is part of this conformity problem. We all adopted a few (or a lot of) external rules or beliefs to be safe (or survive). For many, the result of years of suppressing their own feelings and speech results in 'not knowing who they really are'. It is said in Level one that you will come to know 'who your really are' if you train. Even if people think they know, they are convinced by the time they have taken Faye's courses that they don't, and feel they must keep taking courses in order to know the real truth of their life. Faye catches people's longing, resentment, rebellion and insecurity, and directs it into her projected battle of good/evil. People feel special, secure and productive in being given this special task of battling evil in the mentality of the conforming masses (really their own buried authority issues). But alas they will never know who they really are until they too wake up to the controls of the training and begin to let in healthy discourse for themselves and others.