September 16th, 2005

Us then and Us NOW; We're Healthy

I just re-read a piece from the "Guru Papers' toward the bottom of 'Prohetic Charisma' on the Lessons In Awareness site at

From this material you can see why trainers cannot see what has happened to them, and why we are so blessed to be able to form new ways of relating in our lives. The dynamics of how we were enticed to surrender in the training are very obvious now, but nevertheless this experience can make trusting more difficult until we re-find our footing. We've learned so much.

I'll summarize these amazing dynamics with excerpts:

"The most enticing message to induce surrender is that only in this way can one achieve true spiritual advancement [e.g., "the only way to hear us properly and to make the needed personal changes is by `suspending judgment.'"].

"After the newness of conversion wears off, some doubt may return. To maintain allegiance, a support system that reinforces people's new identity is crucial. Power within the group is gained by deepening surrender to the guru, and members reward each other for making the group the priority. Deepening surrender does feel like letting go of ego and is defined by the guru as spiritual progress.

Secrecy and arousing desire are important parts of the seduction. The guru dangles carrots of esoteric knowledge that he will transmit when he deems the disciple `ready.' Waiting for each new piece of hidden knowledge not only keep devotees around, but receiving pieces of it (one never gets it all) confirms their worthiness and specialness. Now they, too, have knowledge that others do not."Collapse )