July 22nd, 2005

Have we done this for lifetimes, tried to help her to see that the Battle is an illusion?

Thanks XXXXX for mentioning this healer. I had a session with him too and he is love personified. Sincere, effective and what incredible body work he does. Hawaiian warmth with a bit of ouch! This experience allowed me to realize how deep the battle goes in our psyche and thus our body, and how it hurts us.

The training imposed on our psyche that life is a battle; we were to battle for ourselves, for Faye, and for the training, and thus we would be successful in battling evil in the world. This is sacrifice. Battle gives trainers a hard edge, it wears them out. The adrenals. Battle feeds on the addiction to battle. All this battle has produced is a rigid, vicious cycle of blame and accuse that sabotages any other way. We left those we love because we realized it was control, not true power, and it wasn't moving. Someone recently mused…. have we done this for lifetimes, have we tried to show her that this battle is really not necessary, an illusion she creates?

In a system of healing, one can develop courage within as well as effectiveness, without the focus on battle & battle terminology. Strike. Confrontation. These are battle words confused with love. It confuses the inner psyche. Strike means love. Confrontation means love. (But watch who you confront, for if it is seen as disagreement you will be seen as attacking)

Faye always said there is nothing better to do here on this planet than her work, and for her this may be true, but she has not listened to the feedback that is telling her that something isn't right with her system. Trying to methodically forge people into herself, not honoring their individual paths, is what creates the never-ending battle! Giving people a brilliant structure to address their own issues is one thing, using fear, anger and guilt, personally and in lecture material, to manipulate people to conform to your own construct of rules is another ballgame. It is possible to heal this split, but it would need to be looked at first.

It is this battle that produces the need to manipulate; it’s a manipulative threat to say you can "fall" from any level, that you'll let go of and forget the teachings, and go 'back to sleep' if you leave. Faye creates her own self-fulfilling prophecy by the universal ‘what you focus on expands’. When these manipulations are seen, it is true that I, and others, let the dogma go, as if we were letting go of any dogmatic religion that reprimands and punishes for being an independent soul. We continue to leave to show her there was something very wrong. She need not lose people!

This can change. This energy of control can change in the training by the founder's willingness to accept feedback, like everyone else has had to do in order to get healthy. The teacher must be willing to ask herself honestly what isn’t working, because the feedback will not go away.

The “Lessons in Awareness” website is telling the teacher something she has ignored for a long time. It's a bigger feedback now, a growing feedback.

Working WITH others in truth may mean conflict, but it is the only way to learn health and integrity with each other. If the teacher surrenders the battle to look at this information, and stops holding critical feedback at bay by blame and accuse, she will know I am not the enemy, and never was. Alas, in metaphysical terms, how many lifetimes does it take to work this out?