July 14th, 2005

The Mormons

Yes, great posts (on the yahoo group site), giving us more and more clarity about Training in Power. I'm just now getting around to reading a book about the Mormons. Now I know why xxxx listed the LDS Lampoon in the links on our site!!! The book I'm reading is "Gathering of Saints", and I can see the similarities with the group dynamics in TIP. Hierarchy, THE truth, control over critical analysis, expectations of blind obedience to elder's interpretation & judgments, the battle with the enemy (includes all who are perceived to be 'against' them) and rote repetition of doctrine (the tale of salvation created by Joseph Smith).

Members must 'give testimony' in public that they believe in him and that he spoke the one and Only truth. It is their unquestioning faith in this story that will get these chosen ones into the life everlasting. Members are also given a `lineage' which is arbitrarily assigned by elders.

As soon as kids can talk they begin to repeat this doctrine. I really feel for those brought up in this brainwashing because waking up is a huge battle within themselves and then with family and friends they have been with their whole lives.

It's been stated in various ways by `visionaries' that a critical mass is forming to do with freedom from control, and there is just no way that the secrecy holding these controls in place can remain secret because of all the information now being shared in public through the internet. Once the controls & secrets are out and being talked about, it gives more and more people the courage to resist the pressure of conformity.

What we have gone through gives us knowledge, as xxxxx said, to help others to find their courage and freedom, to uphold their basic right to input in any group. This assistence requires our own healing, great patience and getting out of our own way to be able to educate others and at the same time respect where they are, in spite of what they do. xxxxxx's story of her friend who left the training 5 years after she did was an excellent example of what it takes.

As with Mormon programming, our programming from TIP is very real and although we sense it, we can only see it fully with time and distance. (This breaking away from the conformity of the group is seen as 'falling') The long years of structure the training gave our lives has to be replaced. That's the task of recovery. We were conditioned slowly out of our own lives & bodies and trained to absorb the training's values. Now, moment by moment, we must get our own values back, as well as our own structure. I'll repeat what others have said, it takes time for the obsessive thoughts, the daily remembrances, to diminish, but they do. And as we re-create our life structure, we will do it deeper and richer for the experience.

This experience forced me to deepen my feelings in ways I wouldn't have; through suffering I learned greater choice. I learned I had to choose a different feeling in the moment or my own pitiful feelings would run my life as a victim (which is the focus of the training). I had to choose to take action and get back into life with others and it was only then, with a conscious focus outside my own pain, that life itself began to reflect back to me its value and rewards rather than pain and battle, which was a default setting in the training. When one is filled with dogma, it is difficult to experience the deeper joy of truly relating and being present with others. Life reflects back to us how we perceive the world, and being out of dogma is freedom.

A word about victim consciousness; self-absorption in recovery can prolong the process. Find the `sorcery' line xxxxx was talking about and sever it as many times as it takes, but don't allow yourself to indulge any longer than it takes you to say blah blah blah. Story from xxxxxx: pick an A partner and a B partner. A tells B the woes of the day in the form of "Blah Blah Blah, Blah Blah, Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah….

Then it's B's turn to tell their sorry story, and A says Blah, Blah Blah……Blah Blah Blah. Laughter is the best medicine to clear our system, laughing at ourselves and our sad tales of woe. "Woe is me" is the only result that can come of seeing the world as a battle.

We'll each find our own inspirations and our own way back.