June 15th, 2005

Chasing God

xxxx, with a background in science said: “To draw the vibrations of many worlds into coherency suggests there can be only one reality, independent of our consciousness and impartial to our place in it.” Xxxx also spoke of many subjects; ideomotor, group energy, NLP, unconscious vs. conscious responses, body language, challenge-response mechanisms. These are subjects that speak of ways we try to make sense of, read and manipulate awareness of ourselves; our neurobiology. Physics is our container and our body, we are a part of a vast system of information. Our perception, our feeling, is our reality; our neurobiology is our reality and creates our collective reality. Will you fight all the other information bits of the universe, or will you end your suffering and pain? Will you chase rainbows or deepen into their fleeting joy?

Training in Power misses a critical key to healing, a critical key to finding peace; what you focus on manifests. Collapse )