May 16th, 2005

A Few Tipper's Appreciation for Exposure: Edited for anonymity, touching and profound

"...I left before level 6 that year and basically right after that lame meeting in BC where we were allowed to air our grievances while Faye took a short walk (of course, her walk ended right in the middle of my grievance--about the pricing difference between Canada and the US--and she had plenty to say to me about that). That was just so eye opening and appalling for me. I had been on a slow mental extrication all that year after the drama at my own level 6 where Faye and XXXX got into a little shoving match right in front of me--literally, I was talking to XXXX when Faye came up. I heard every word of their conversation and didn't witness any of the negative energy that Faye claimed XXXX was vibing her. In the following year I got to watch myself climb aboard the group think bus which started with XXXXX claiming in the very next women''s meeting (in that awful storage space in Magnolia--remember?) that XXXX had tried to kill Faye. Jesus, what we will nod our heads at in order to maintain acceptance and support in a group! Anyway, that BC meeting was a mental snap for me--and for XXXX and XXXX too--we all rode home together and talked about what we experienced. Both XXXX and I decided not to go to the retreat and basically quit the training; XXXX decided to go and just hold a witness position--and the experience was not fun for her, to say the least. (if you post this email, please omit the names as I see you have done with others, thanks!) I remember being told that I would "fall back on the Karmic wheel, never to get off again" if I quit past the level 5 class--but at this point I suddenly KNEW like never before that it was all hogwash, and that Faye was nuts.

I'd love to have access to the whole former trainer website postings--"

"...thank you for the information. I had already
decided to stop my TIP practice, but your
e-mail and links have served as a good
confirmation of my feelings."


"I appreciate your thoughts and your concern. I have plenty on my own. You're correct that I have enough other things going on in my life that Training has not become center stage (nor do I wish it to). I understand many of the issues you raise - they are not new to me. I went through level 6 last year, and don't really plan to involve myself much more as far as teaching or taking more levels..."


"Thank you so very much for your sincere,
wise and inspired words. I am very
grateful for your advice and agree
on all accounts. I am only interested
in energy work as another pathway and
area of growth and healing. I, too,
believe that life itself is the best
teacher, but it sure is nice to hear it
from someone as experienced as yourself.

Thanks again. I'm glad we connected and
hope that our paths will cross again

Be well,


> "Thank you so much for putting your e.mail in your letter....I want to leave TIP and am not sure where to turn. I would like to join the Yahoo support group. Thank you for sharing your info on Rick Ross' website. I do not want to leave my name at this time until I know its safe."


Dear XXX:

"When I read your reply I felt so moved. Thank you, xxx. I feel so relieved as though I am trying to come of a nightmare...."