April 25th, 2005

Support Group Chatting

Areas we've been discussing:

Further independent development of an actual website along the lines of other sites of ex members of very large organized groups. This is out of my territory right now, what are the thoughts on this?

xxxx brought up many questions we can look at in terms of growth of this site, once it becomes known that it exists by trainers. I think the site can continue to be a private referral based group. This would be an ongoing development and I think XXXX's questions are good ones to collectively respond to.

The fear and taboo to keep people from discussing important issues in the training and to keep them from talking with ex-trainers is very strong. Fear is gripping. They will respond as they are trained to respond, it's not their fault.

I think it will be very obvious if someone violates the courtesy this site has upheld, and they will likely be banned from further participation (moderator's choice) if they show disrespect. Let loyalist trainers on the site if they dare to make it past our intrepid moderators!

So, more comment and thoughts please?