April 20th, 2005

Good Enlightenment Practices Withstand Challenge

Well, it was one of those nights when I woke up at 4:00 am and couldn't sleep. I had been communicating about the training yesterday, and when I woke up realized I'd been working on it in my sleep too! I think what is in my awareness right now is about the guarded communication we have all learned.

A good teaching will withstand the test of time. It will endure because of it's truth and integrity. Good parenting practices OR good spiritual practices are not vulnerable to 'attack' because they are open, transparent, accountable and willing to talk. Even if they are attacked they deal with it honorably, and thus show they are responsive. In the name of 'good for you' or 'enlightenment', an unskilled Faye Fitzgerald has torn families apart, destroyed confidence, created dependency and in no way holds herself accountable to anything.

The training is causing trauma in abuse survivors, wrapping those who are vulnerable, and going against all current healing protocol by re-traumatizing people and telling them it is their problem. The more information that is disclosed the more likely those in the training will either come to a healing or be very slowed down. My current mood is the same one that put me in a place to send my document to more than just the board. And people DID wake up, they did come out of the spell and into their own power, when they were ready. To feel you are interferring with someone's journey by speaking out is like saying a newspaper or book interferes with their journey, yes it does, and so what?

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