April 18th, 2005

No Fear

I can say wholeheartedly that in the last few years I found many fears that had been inserted into my middle name. Pew. Or peeuuuuuu. Whatever it is for YOU, or me, dealing with fear is a learning experience that leads to NO FEAR.

Since I'm a reasonable person who wants to listen and co-create, who the hell has the right to openly or covertly make me feel bad for expressing?? Who has the right to say I'm not expressing it right, or nicely, or however else they want me to express?

Well, everyone does! It's their right to say how they feel. If I have not overcome the fear that it isn't safe to express my thoughts, overcome the unconscious feeling I would die if I told the real truth of what I felt or saw, then I might get fearful and close down and react when someone else expresses their differing opinion of my truth, or even just their differing opinion! If this happens catch it sooner and sooner, shift your perspective and 'don't take it personally'.

What is the paraphrased polite expression; something about 'free from the good opinions of others', yes, and so what is the worst thing that can happen if you tell the truth, stand in your truth? I became my true self, open and accountable, very very free, and I didn't die.

I check in once in a while to the freedomofmind site for it's freedom of squabbling and truthful exchange! We're actually pretty tame here!

Sometimes I feel like a duck and in my duckness glide through the waters of diversity, the calm waves and the stormy waves. Sometimes I just go ashore though and preen my feathers until I get perspective and feel like swimming again. But I'm determined to keep engaging the lake, no matter what the weather or how many bossy geese or rock throwing meanies. I love to share the adventures of the lake with my duck friends!