April 16th, 2005

Re: From the Horse's Mouth

From: "plumtree444" <plumtree444@yahoo.com>
Date: Sat Apr 16, 2005 8:46 am
Subject: Re: From the Horse's Mouth

I remember these themes, they were repeated in several situations and forms. Statements of fact. People believed them, and if they didn't they excused her, enabled her, changed the subject. It was just Faye! Pronouncements about money, relationships, food, health, behavior. What has been the cost over the years, to relationships and families, to physical and mental health?

"Lessons" is Public

Lessons in Awareness is now on a public website at:


From the introduction:

"Although the stated purpose of Training in Power, A Spiritual Journey of Service is personal and planetary healing and empowerment, the symptoms and fallout of it's members tell a different tale, a tale of abuse. Within the group, there is continuing denial of abuse, even justification of it, which continues to this day. The moment the founder and her organization offers accountability and takes responsibility for their actions this document will no longer be necessary. Until then, it will remain on the web as a warning to all spiritual seekers on the path of freedom."

I hope members will respond to the invitation to consider placing their letters on a public site too, either openly or anonymously, to contribute to educating the public about the effects of thought control. It doesn't have to be a letter of resignation, maybe just an open letter. I recently saw a letter of resignation influence someone in the training, and I know these letters are important for that reason. Remember that people in the training generally do not get to see these letters, and the fear of speaking true feelings is controlled so they have no way of knowing how others feel. This could be a way to reach trainers who are in fear of talking to anyone. May healing come to all.