April 7th, 2005

Great & varied input!

Great input from this band of wise ones. It's all good, it's all very right.

Part of my lesson here was to cultivate compassion for Faye, for her pain and her struggle. I completed that in a dream one night last summer, and in the process felt a deep forgiveness of her. Forgiveness does not mean to forget or ignore what was wrong; it does not mean to take no action on the issues involved. For me what it did was dissolve the need to carry someone's injury around inside me, and thus the need to have anyone change or the need for revenge or the need to be heard by anyone. Other's rightful journey is given back and you are free. This is really an important place because any action you take after that is clear and intended to just deal with issues.

There is cult information out there, but the ones who read it are seeking healing and already know. Everyone else thinks it can't happen to them. Maybe that's a good theme for a book right there! My first thought is to do what I can to speak up to bring awareness. A friend wondered out loud what Jesus would do. What Ghandhi would do? I wonder if Jesus would turn over the registration tables?