April 6th, 2005

Re: Is Speaking Out Interferring with Faye's Journey?

Great topic we're discussing here. I heartily agree for the most part that everyone resonates to whatever they do for their own reasons and their own lessons. Live and let live, they have their own lessons. On the other hand, I do not think that it is the big picture that innocent people deserve to be duped. There is this 'new age' thought that says if bad things happen it is your karma, or just your lessons, or you came here to do that; buyer beware.

Indeed we will all encounter bad people and learn, and it is a universal dilemma that 'evil' exists. But if you have the opportunity to report a bad doctor, a minister who is an abuser, and you do not because they are doing good and people are benefiting from their services? Yes, we must all learn our own way, yet where does the responsibility cross over the line from a correct 'let them have their own journey' to passivity, to turning your head, to saying they need to learn that. XXXX said that "anyone looking for a guru to define their world for them will have found what they want", I say that a guru can be a good teacher or a cad, a unity conscious realized master or an abuser, and to express how we experience them is ok!

Is it ok to give an honest testimomy for a person's courses? I don't know. When xxxx told us more about the Institute, I felt better! They seem healthy enough to evaluate it themselves.

Looking over some of my notes again I saw the incredible way she speaks to capture people's sense of their own spirit. Were we all in such pain in the end because we got such good out of her courses?? Was it worth it? What else could we have been doing if we had not been so innocently led into this story? How can a spiritual leader, a sacred trust position, be held accountable for this pain and lost time if not to speak about it to others? What goes around comes around.

A recent article on the Rick Ross website talked about how 'cult awareness' is needed now more than ever. "Leaders" are more and more feeding on the hurt people of our culture. So is this about allowing others their journey or about taking action? As one person wrote: "it gave me a knot in my belly", in reference to JI, meaning that Faye is having access to more people to trap. Tag you're it.

Re: Hallelujah

From: "plumtree444" <plumtree444@yahoo.com>
Date: Wed Apr 6, 2005 6:09 pm
Subject: Re: Hallelujah

Hallelujah back at ya!! Your words gave me the feeling of someone singing beautiful rousing music ..... Say it loud! Say it clear! For the whole wide world to hear. Freedom is awesome!