April 2nd, 2005

David Hawkins' Quotes

Thank you XXX for these quotes, that so show the violations of training in power.

"Force is vulnerable to an infinite number of oppositions, but power has no possible opposite or enemy. Like space itself, power is immune to attack and forever invulnerable."

"The world is actually entertainment. Like amusement, it is meant to be worn lightly. Heaven is within and is revealed by awareness"

"The organizations that promise specialness are merely appealing to the vanity of the ego. The ego will stop at nothing for it respects no boundaries due to its narcissistic core"

"...ambition, gain, control, aggression, and selfishness are energies centered in the solar plexus"

"It is obvious on the face of it that the purpose of an oath is to bind"

"The person who is driven by cravings is unable to reach satisfaction, and we say that they are 'being run by their solar plexus' because wantingness as a predominant level of consciousness cannot be satisfied"

"From a biological point of view, there is a healthy self-interest that is essential for survival and self-esteem, but it becomes pathological narcissism when the ego is self-reflective in that all actions are self-referential. The basic premise of selfishness is "I want". This wanting can escalate to obsessive craving and addiction"

"Egotism is accompanied by sensitivity to slights that make the subject feel invalidated and therefore angry and paranoid"

"The real tempter is the ego's desire for gain, whether that be sensation, excitement, advantage, prestige, or the pleasure of controlling others"

"The entitled attitude tends to be tenacious, rigidly defended, and often uncorrectable by any known means. This attitude is basically psychotic as the inner grandiosity is essentially delusional"

"Out of infantilism, the immature psyche seeks external authority, which often is merely the consensus of public opinion under the sway of demogoguery"

"...the populace is eager to believe a lie for the sake of the emotional payoff, experienced by the ego"

"...one sees the narcissistic emphasis on expectations as an ego positionality that makes the individual a petulant or anger-prone person"

"Anger then becomes the futile attempt to control others who become objects to be manipulated or blamed for frustration" [Faye said she started the training out of anger about all those hurt people out there or was it out of frustration that the people around her at the time wouldn't believe her delusions so she needed people (a church) that would, so that she could continue projecting and blaming her hurt on others rather than truly face herself?]

"The best defense against the development of anger is to see others as equals, lessen expectations, and via humility, surrender the fulfillment of one's wants to God. With progressive detachment and relinquishment of the ego's demands and expectations, anger diminishes. So-called righteous anger and indignation are moralistic inflations of positionalities and expectations of others... the anger fixates on an external enemy that is actually the ego's projection of it's own inner hatred tendencies onto symbolic representations...There is not much gain in shaking one's fist in indignant wrath at the sinners other than the self-servingness of demagoguery...The concept of God doing battle with the forces of evil is an impossibility created by guilt-ridden, fearful fantasies...The fearsome 'end times' refers to the lower astral realms where false illusions are given validity"

"There is no such thing as a justified resentment (basic axiom of the spiritual 12 step groups)"

"The true source of happiness and joy is the Self and not the identifications of the ego/self... in quieting the ego's feeling of distress, the presence of the Self could be sensed"

""I Am that I Am" or "I Am" is redundant. The ultimate reality is beyond all names. "I" signifies the radical subjectivity of the state of realization. It is in itself the complete statement of reality"

"... the innate innocence of the substrate of the mind lacks the innate capacity to discern truth from falsehood"

Quotes from David R. Hawkins

Thank you xxxx. Just reading these quotes sent me back to the time I first read this material. There was one instant when the full depth of what Faye was doing hit me, and my body went into shock. I could no longer say to myself she just didn't understand.

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YOU, Stand Up. (And Other Lev 8 Rhetoric)

XXX! What is the strike like now? (Lev8)

(And the real answer, which is no answer at all, but the RIGHT answer is...)

".....If you try your old style of striking you're caught again. (She strikes on all positions.) How do you think I stay at the point? You'll be the most steady of all my groups coming through. Anything that drops your vibration you are in denial of your power ...must be looked at. You're playing games. How many think they can elevate their own vibration now? What would be necessary: partly a comprehension of physics, which you're gaining. What else? Dome Transducer. Discipline of keeping the pathway open. Just the discipline to keep the passage open will be a trial this year beyond your imagining. I don't think you know what it would take to raise your own vibration. Second by second, not missing a beat. When I do I am down. You have one foot on a ladder of a magnificent order. Arrogant to think you can raise your own, it is possible but you cannot discard the human dynamic. Tired of peoples petty superiority, arrogance, assumptions..."