March 29th, 2005

Put Your Energy into Co-Creation Instead of Battles with Brick Walls!

I'm so appreciative of the courage and the stories I feel privileged to read in this group. All so unique and filled with expressive creation. I'd be on your team anytime! You know, I wanted to be a team player, but the only team allowed was the robot's team. How very very ironic in the training that everyone ran around telling everyone else "you haven't addressed your issue of _______ but monumental training issues, brought up over and over, were not addressed!

>>>>>wrote: "Similar to racism, no one was really up for the job of accepting full responsibility in addressment of these issues in the community despite the efforts of committees, nothing really had been addressed."

Yes, all those issues brought up and what were we doing? There we were, out there getting babies out of pods, or was it into pods? It frustrated some very sane people when they bought up issues that kept being deflected back to them.

You're too emotional" Collapse )