March 25th, 2005

Into the Sunshine...

Someone mentioned the black hole. The black hole has been part of me since I left the training. I think it's that place in me where my spiritual journey got all twisted up, twisting my priorities and my choices for so long. I spent years in the ethers, taken out of my life, my interests, and my passions. I made many choices I now know I wouldn't have made, and that I regret. I was separated from my family and friends and didn't develop in the outside world. I yearned for and therefore got sucked into a mystical nowhere land where down is up and up is down and sideways is blue, or green or purple, I forget which is the right answer. If I hadn't had my kids for grounding, for teaching, for modeling, I might have lost it altogether when I left. Collapse )

Re: Into the Sunshine...

XXX said:

"SO, are they not paranoid that the training will be 'hurt' by those (higher levels) that are in the know of how the construct is built as they then have the power to remove it."

Thanks! Interesting. Yep. They're paranoid all right. So,they think someone who is aware of the construct can hurt it. Mmm. A bit of logic here. From what I've seen nobody really knows what the construct even is, just that they need to learn it, whatever it is, AND defend it! I think the construct is: the Faye rule box, she says yes or no, right or wrong, red or blue and you learn her endless rules of power behavior. In that case I guess there must be nothing to hurt or deconstruct, except the rules, in which case they are right, The 'construct' can be hurt. From reading the posts (yahoo group) on this site, the effects of the 'construct' haven't exactly been healthy. To me all things spiritual and grounded in truth stand on their own, are timeless and reproducible, contribute to positive growth not harm, and can't be decontructed! My thoughts. Any others?