March 24th, 2005

Coming Home

My prayers for Faye Fitzgerald are daily for her healing, knowing that she has her own lessons and karma. My prayers for her have no bearing on the harm she has caused and on the identification of it.

Reading the incredible and individualistic rants posted so far,I'm saying to myself, yeah, and yeah, and right on, and as I'm saying this I'm feeling the resolve come up again, a deep quiet type of resolve that has replaced my rage over the years, a resolve that makes me glad to contribute to this site and any other thing I can do to validate the abuse people feel and have them get clear of the training. Faye Fitzgerald is a brilliant manipulator, just like Carlos. Her work is purely her own, no inspired messiah here, just a very smart woman who is an expert at manipulation to build her empire. She had different methods with different people.Collapse )

Drugs vs Spirit

From: "plumtree444" <>
Date: Thu Mar 24, 2005 2:04 pm
Subject: Re: drugs vs spirit

That's it xxxx. All our little neuronal receptors of excitement and happiness just love to connect to highs, it's biology! The biggest kept secret of the ages is that people can be controlled. When we're looking for 'happiness', hey, just get me high, make me feel good, appeal to my neurons and I'll follow you anywhere. Take me out of reality, excite me with a peak emotional high filled with grief and camaraderie and love and I'll be back for more. I'll even take abuse to get it!

Leonard Cohen has a line… there's a crack, a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in. Well, that's how the programming gets in too. Through our cracks while we're out of this world feeling high. Thank you very much but no thanks, I've learned to do it myself, the natural way! Bless us all for just wanting to feel good.

How long does healing take?

Things did change. I know you all know about what I'm going to say here, so this is meant to go out to the universe. This is some of the history us old timers are healing from, and it's been a hard road hasn't it?

When the group was small, everyone was very loyal and tight. Faye had full control, awe and loyal support. Things were growing and expanding. When I look at the progression of change over the years, Collapse )