March 20th, 2005


Here are some resources that made a difference in my life. They gave me perspective on my experience,thus healing.

"Releasing the Bonds", Empowering People to Think for Themselves. Steven Hassan. This was soothing for some reason, I guess because it confirmed what I had suspected, that there were incredible controls built into the training.

"The Guru Papers", Masks of Authoritarian Power. Joel Kramer &
Diana Alstad. "Guru" is a metaphor for anyone who manipulates
others under the guise of 'knowing what's best for them', whether leaders, mothers or lovers. This book shows there is a worldwide battle for peoples minds....

"The Power of Now" A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment. Eckhard Tolle. "We CAN find our way out of psychological pain; authentic human power is found by surrendering to the 'Now'. Incredible book.

"Consilience" The Unity of Knowledge Edward O. Wilson. So just what is 'unity' consciousness and how is the world going to get there? A great visionary of science, Wilson transported me into the evolutionary path where some day all disciplines will converge. From economics to psychology, so separate now, there are workings for unity right before us that we can support and contribute to.

"People of the Lie" M.Scott Peck. There are some people who will not change. They hurt others, and will not tale responsibility for what they do. This is what Peck calls true evil. With case studies, this book gave me such a knowing, a feeling of these people that I will never ever give my energy to anyone unwilling to co-create again.

"Power vs. Force", "I of the Eye", and "I" by David Hawkins. The first book empowers you to determine your own life, the next two are a pure delight for the soul.

"Sorcerer's Apprentice" Amy Wallace. Amy studied with Carlos
Castaneda and reveals an eerie combination of his brilliance and pathology, and the tangles of the mystical world. Her book is reviewed from links here:

The sustained action site is interesting, shows how you can run around in circles experiencing mystical realms and get nowhere fast. To lead people into a world of mystical nonsense is not my idea of enlightenment any more!

Rick Ross Website at
There's valuable information here and many links. Lists groups and cults with detailed reports. It becomes totally amazing how attachment to 'beliefs' causes so much pain and divisiveness.