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Infinity is really just love...

There is holiness in every good heart.  Blessings to all who try anything at all on this planet to further their awareness, no matter where their path leads them.  I liked "I Heart Hucklabees" as an example of how the mystery of life is obscured by the addiction to drama and lessons played out in the training; this is humanity's addiction too.  This victim based addiction binds people to participate with her in years of unnecessary, inefficient energy work and I now see that it distracts from and delays learning what true feeling, true connection, is.  I hope the founder finds her heart one day and is able to recognize that manipulation, fear and control are not necessary to make people grow, and that her enablers glorify and support this addiction for her.  Her talent for touching people is great, and I hope it can be put to a much finer use.          

Part of my learning through all this involved recognizing which parts of the training are effective and which parts are damaging.  The most amazing thing in the training is the ability to create and maintain people's belief in it.  Power transfer is just the ability to make you believe.  This is both its power and its abuse.  It feels like a relief to finally be told the "truth" with such apparent strength.  Students feel changes in themselves and are so grateful to their teachers and this 'power'.  This set up does work.  Students want to 'believe'  and the tendency in us that is cultivated here through power transfer is called magical thinking.  This is ok to a point and causes changes to be made, but the part that isn't ok and that is damaging is that the mystical stories become their world, not just a tool but an incredibly bulky conditioned belief system over time.  As they believe more and more in the training, everything that is not of the training becomes separate, somethng to fix and align with training beliefs and the "truth" they have slowly adopted.  Thus innocent individuals build the battle of each level into an illusional belief system that fragments the ability to learn to be present in the moment with each person, to truly co-create the best outcome with any situation or person.    

The most common thing I've heard from those who stay in the training is that they are in it for themselves, they are not controlled because they have free will and therefore they feel they can take or leave what they want.   They say they have their own mind.  This they believe, after years of conditioning that has prioritized their feelings for them to such an extent that the abuse they see, and practice as teachers if they choose to teach, is not abuse to them.  To feel empathy for themselves or someone else is seen as a flaw and not in power.  Until this conditioned dispassionate indifference is felt this system will continue to produce vehement and strong-willed but not truly free-thinking, feeling and connected individuals.  

Dialogue and inclusive debate bring co-creative truth and growth for all; drama, negativity and battle constricts and fragments our inner power and will never bring the inner wholeness necessary to bring the peace within that is required to co-create the peace without. 

My life is full and joyful, my vibration pristine, and I love you all now and always, don't forget. 

You'll find useful information for your journey at: http://www.psitek.net/pages/PsiTekTMKSContents.html           


Jul. 7th, 2007 06:40 am (UTC)
Re: Thanks!
Look, Faye Fitzgerald thinks she's a god, that being a lesbian and smoking pot in and of itself is progressive, and she's a rager, who recruits people specifically because they respond to re-abuse. She's a horrible person surrounded by fawning people who, in all ernestness, are quite scared of her, and even more scared of whatever scary thing she's told them will "get" them if they "tell on her."

If you can't see that, ask yourself why all the secrecy, huh? What are you guys afraid of? Some of Faye's monologues are available online, and she's a lunatic, but seems to possess a charisma that is charged with deep-seated loathing.

The cult Training in Power is trying it's best to infiltrate wherever it can - the Vancity board, health organizations across Vancouver, posing as a professional organization but wanting all the benefits of a "spiritual" or "religious" one. That is to say, it's a criminal sham. You can't stop people talking about the cult and their experiences in it, and so don't take it personal, but, well, we'll say what the hell we want, not what Faye or her goons say.

Grow up and face the truth, you're in a cult that is idealism separated from all reality, where individuals do morally wrong things under the protection of the cult, deny responsibility to current and former members and the psychological effects of Training in Power.

Stand up and be counted, or stay in the cult, but don't pretend to engage us if you're just going to repeat the threats of the abuser Faye and call it enlightenment, cause it's not. It's abuse.

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