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From Theun Mares

Freedom vs Shamanism

Quoted from Mares: "In response to on-going questions posed by many readers, I would like to clarify some of the misconceptions surrounding the relationship between Carlos Castaneda and his teacher Juan Matus. In the first place I would like to point out that Don Juan was indeed an utterly impeccable warrior dedicated to the Path of Freedom, and nagal of the Toltec tradition. On the other hand, Carlos Castaneda, as is clear from his books, was not interested in freedom, but rather in the Path of High Adventure and sorcery/shamanism."

"A fact that is also made clear in his books, but which seems to have escaped the attention of most readers, is that Castaneda’s training was never completed. Indeed, at his final meeting with Don Juan, Castaneda still did not have a fully restored memory. The result of this is that Castaneda still very much laboured under the influence of a highly selective perception, which enormously affected his ability to pass on or to interpret the Toltec teachings with any degree of reliability or authority. In this respect, what has always grabbed the attention of the serious reader of his books are those passages where Castaneda directly quotes Don Juan verbatim. The value of these passages should be contrasted with the unreliable field notes recorded and fancifully misinterpreted by Castaneda and which constitute the bulk of his work.

In relation to the references to sorcery in Carlos Castaneda’s books, I should further point out that whilst knowledge relating to sorcery is indeed part of the Toltec tradition, its practice nonetheless does not lead to freedom. With respect to this, it is also important to point out that the Toltec teachings as taught by the Warriors of Freedom have nothing to do with the shamans of ancient Mexico. This is another fact that Don Juan repeatedly stressed to Castaneda. Indeed, Castaneda’s books are littered with statements to this effect made by Don Juan, but people read so selectively today that they miss them. As Don Juan so aptly put it, “sorcery is a dead-end street”, and “by comparison with a man of knowledge, the sorcerer is a sad fellow.” However, it is amazing how the true impeccable warrior, Don Juan, has become forgotten in Castaneda’s shadow.

With respect to the above it should be remembered that when reading Castaneda’s books, the only parts of value are what Don Juan taught, leaving aside any of Castaneda’s interpretation of what he thought he was being taught. Castaneda completely missed the plot in his training, and became hooked only to the phenomenal. What he perceived, and how he interpreted what he perceived, was so far from reality, that the mind boggles. Castaneda died a bitter shell of a man. This is the lot of sorcerers.

Furthermore, the “magical passes” taught by Castaneda have no place in any Toltec lineage. They were taught to Castaneda by Howard Lee, and not by Don Juan or any member of his unit of warriors as Castaneda claimed. Similarly the “foreign installations”, the so-called “fliers”, also have no place in any Toltec lineage.

Finally, there are no further representatives of Don Juan’s lineage. Don Juan’s lineage ended with Don Juan."

In the name of freedom,
Théun Mares

"The Dark Jewels and the Shortcomings Arising From Them:

People are often confused about what constitutes a shortcoming versus what is a behaviour pattern. Below is a list of the Dark Jewels and the Shortcomings that arise from each of them. In working with this list it will help you to be cognizant of the fact that the Dark Jewel, Egotism (Jewel 22) is in every way a kernel or seed giving rise to all the other Dark Jewels. In other words, the Dark Jewels ripple out from Egotism in an ever-increasing degree of negativity, that is, life-destructive potential.

As the Dark Jewel Egotism has two polarities, namely Self-importance and Self-pity, which are the active and passive poles of this jewel, so this is mirrored through the rest of the Dark Jewels. In this respect, see the active pole as what you inflict upon the world around you, and the passive pole as what you inflict upon yourself, or allow others to inflict upon you.

However, it is wise to bear in mind that to define something is a double-edged sword. Although for the sake of clarity definitions are necessary, yet by having defined something we have already made it less fine, or less pure, that is, less true. Therefore it is imperative that you do not become hooked to the words or see them in isolation from each other. Remember that words serve as a springboard (departure point) into the Unknown. If you do not adopt this approach words merely become a trap that serves to enslave and distort perception. This list will only serve you if it is seen as an interconnected continuum, meaning that every single Dark Jewel, as well as every Shortcoming arising from them, and the principal manifestations of these Shortcomings, that is, Behaviour, are all thoroughly INTERRELATED, INTERACTIVE and therefore INTERDEPENDENT! In other words, if you are being life-destructive in one area of your life, it is simply not possible to be life-supportive in another!

Although listed below are only a few of the principal manifestations of each shortcoming, realize that the possible behaviour patterns stemming from any particular shortcoming are truly endless, and the permutations are unquantifiable! Therefore use your hearts to guide you! Not to do so would render this list USE-LESS!

The Dark Jewels and the Shortcomings Arising From Them:

Active Shortcoming: Self-importance
Behaviour: Self-opinionated, arrogant, self-centred, pompousness, holier-than-thou, longwindedness
Passive Shortcoming: Self-pity
Behaviour: Victim/martyr, hard-done-by, unappreciated, fear of exposure, fear of being wrong, fear of criticism

Active Shortcoming: Domineering
Behaviour: Demanding, over-bearing, bossy, intimidating
Passive Shortcoming: Subservient
Behaviour: Servile, seeking approval, groveling, docile

Active Shortcoming: Obsession with having to control
Behaviour: Clinging, demanding, wanting to be right, worry, derogatory, volatile, defensive
Passive Shortcoming: Escapism
Behaviour: Insecurity, avoidance, playing the Nothing Game, morbidity, indecisiveness, dishonesty, instability, timidity, lack of self-belief

Active Shortcoming: Defiiance
Behaviour: Not listening, rebelliousness, closed, justification
Passive Shortcoming: Submission
Behaviour: I will do it BUT under duress, having a chip on the shoulder, I will suffer but YOU will pay

Active Shortcoming: Altruistic
Behaviour: Kindness of heart, putting someone on a pedestal, blind faith
Passive Shortcoming: Gullibility
Behaviour: Giving the benefit of the doubt, abnegating responsibility, do-gooder

Active Shortcoming: Stubbornness
Behaviour: Pig-headed, inflexible, dog-with-a-bone, aggression, flippancy, disrespect, deflection, defensive
Passive Shortcoming: Obstinance
Behaviour: Not listening, wanting life on own terms, insolence, unresponsive, stoicism, procrastination, denial

Abuse of Power
Active Shortcoming: Cruelty
Behaviour: Imposition, insensitivity, sadistic, vitriolic, aggression, sarcasm
Passive Shortcoming: Self-abnegation
Behaviour: Callousness, cold, unnurturing, harshness

Abuse Generally
Active Shortcoming: Oppression
Behaviour: Forcefulness, greed, coercion, aggression, playing the Blame Game
Passive Shortcoming: Fixation
Behaviour: Infatuation, romance, fanaticism, narrow-mindedness

Active Shortcoming: Lust for…
Behaviour: Sexual manipulation, covetousness, lewdness, power hungry, love of intrigue
Passive Shortcoming: Corruptible
Behaviour: Easily seduced, fraudulent, degenerate, depraved, decadence, perversion

Active Shortcoming: Bigotry
Behaviour: Dogmaticism, disbelieving, intolerance, assumed understanding, selective perception
Passive Shortcoming: Prejudiced
Behaviour: Discriminating against, preconceptions, distorting the truth, indulgence

Active Shortcoming: Inertia
Behaviour: Anarchy, nihilism, discrediting, slander, gossip, interrupting
Passive Shortcoming: Entropy
Behaviour: Apathy, indifference, carelessness, negligence, slothful, confusion, laziness"


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